Frequently Asked Questions from Our Talents accepts exceptional talents across a wide range of specialisations. This page is meant to help applicants who are interested to take on freelance projects and to learn more about the application process.

Frequently Asked Questions from Our Talents.

What is

What does do?

We pair qualified, high performing professionals in content and digital marketing to top clients worldwide. Professionals apply to work through the platform, and companies can hire them based on skills and experience.

Which clients are on

Find out on our Clients page.

How is different?

We have a rigorous screening process to ensure that our talents have the required skill sets. We also closely match our talents to the right engagements to improve their engagement win rate.

How does find its talents?

We source for top professionals from around the world for specific engagements and invite them to apply. Talents can also apply to join the talent network on our website.

How does work?

Our talents start by applying to, whether they found us through our website or they have been invited to a specific engagement. If they apply successfully, they will be invited to take up engagements in their specialisation.

What is a typical engagement like on

It varies. Engagements which our talents have completed include:

  • Social media marketing for an auto parts brand.
  • A website update for a consumer electronics business.
  • SEO strategy for an insurance company.
  • A white paper and a series of corporate infographics on cybersecurity trends.
  • Email drip campaigns targeted at SMBs for a financial institution.
  • An interactive, stunningly visual website that showcases 18 travel destinations.
  • Animated video series of food preparation targeted at chefs.

Should I join?

Why apply to

We often are asked questions about the benefits of applying to Here are some of them:

  • Build your portfolio: You are matched to some of the most forward thinking clients around the world.
  • Get paid: Set your own rates and get paid on time. You don’t have to spend time billing clients.
  • Enjoy your freedom: Have a flexible work schedule and work from anywhere you want.
  • Learn from peers: Join a highly qualified community of talents to share ideas and find new connections.
  • Get promoted: Gain visibility online or through one of’s events as a speaker.

Who applies to

Many of our talents are:

  • Either a digital marketer, strategist, designer, writer, animator, video maker, software developer, project manager or subject matter expert.
  • Or they may have previously worked in an agency or a marketing, communications, digital, editorial, production or software engineering function.
  • Has at least 2 years of work experience in your specialisation (including consulting projects).
  • Available to take on at least 5 hours of freelance work per week.
  • Has working proficiency in spoken and written English. Some engagements may have additional local language or location-based requirements.

What can I expect when I join

You will be creating a talent profile which will be viewed by our clients. Our editors will be reviewing your profile to ensure that it is ready to be shared. You will be notified by email when your profile is matched to a new engagement.

What do I have to do to join the Talent Network?

You can apply here. We recommend that you prepare an updated resume or LinkedIn profile before you apply.

Will I have to commit a minimum number of hours to

No, however we recommend that you have at least 5 hours each week to take on freelance work.

Applying to

Apply as a talent and start working with top clients today.

What is the application like?

The application process for each talent depends on their specialisation and background. We request for every talent to upload their resume when they apply. They are then briefed on the next steps of the application process by email.

When are applications due?

We accept applications throughout the year. For talents who have been invited to apply for specific engagements, we encourage them to apply within 48 hours.

Do I have to pay to apply?

No, the application does not require payment.

How does evaluate its applicants?

We look for every aspect including the depth of your expertise, work experience and problem solving skills to your communication abilities, integrity, personality, drive and other soft skills.

How do I prepare for the interview?

If you are presenting your assessment submissions, you may like to consider how to communicate your work clearly and succinctly. We look for talents who have demonstrable domain expertise, proactiveness and a strong understanding of client problems to provide and implement realistic solutions.

I haven't finished the application. Can I complete it later?

We encourage you to finish it within the same week the details of the application next steps are received. This helps us to process your application and start the engagement matching faster.

I'm very experienced. Must I still apply?

We will still like to speak to you over an interview, so yes. The information you provide to us in the application will also be used to create your profile.

I have more than one specialisation. Which should I apply for?

You should apply for the specialisation which you are most qualified for. You will be eligible to take on other specialisations after you have joined the talent network.

Can I apply more than once?

Yes, you can apply more than once. If you would like to apply again for the same specialisation, you can do so in 12 months from the date of your application result.

Application Results

When will I get my application result?

We take around 14 days after the interview to get back to you. In certain cases, it may require a longer time to evaluate.

How do I get my application result?

You will be notified on your application result by email.

Why didn’t accept my application?

There could be several reasons. A common one is when applicants do not demonstrate their capabilities or communicate clearly.

Do you give feedback on applications?

Unfortunately we don't provide feedback on application results.

Getting work

What happens after I join the Talent Network?

Your talent coordinator will provide you with the guidelines for talents and share with you the Talent Handbook.

I was invited for a specific engagement. How do I indicate my interest?

You will need to submit the talent application first. Once you have been onboarded, you will be able to view the engagement details and indicate your interest.

What types of engagements will I receive on

We provide full time (over 40 hours per week), part time (over 20 hours per week) and project based engagements with clients from around the world.

How do I get engagements?

You will receive email invites to suitable engagements that match your profile.

How do I work with clients?

You will be integrating into the client's preferred workflow. Most clients request to work directly with our talents on the platform.

Will I be working with more than one client?

It depends. For talents who are looking to increase their client exposure, we will try to take your requests into account when we match you to new engagements.


How do I set my rate on

You can set your own rate. If you need, your talent coordinator will provide you with recommendations to set a competitive market rate.

How do I get paid?

You can select to be paid via your bank account (through Transferwise) or via Paypal.

When will I get paid?

Payment is made within 7-14 days from the invoice date. Depending on your bank, it could take up to 5 additional business days for your funds to be reflected in your bank account.


Can I contribute to the blog?

If you are interested to contribute to the blog, you can reach our editors at

Can I be featured on the website?

Right now, this is invite-only.

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