Financial Content Marketing in Asia

How can brands succeed in financial content marketing in Asia? The sudden boom in fintech, coupled with fast-changing consumer behaviours, has pushed banks and financial institutions globally to reinvent themselves.

Despite the rapid changes, finance still remains a highly regulated sector. The emergence of content marketing adds another layer of complexity to financial services marketing.

It's a challenge to consistently develop content that sits well within regulatory frameworks. Add to that having to ensure that your readers are engaged with your content marketing.

It's not easy to excel in financial content marketing today. Here are the key challenges:

  • Finance is a highly regulated industry, and consumers lack trust in financial services brands. Brands need domain experts who understand the industry well to create content that reflects their authority in the subject matter.
  • Financial brands are facing less brand loyalty. They need more personalised, localised content marketing.
  • Most consumers are not educated in finance or investments. Content needs to be easily digestible.
  • Consumers go to financial consultants for more than just financial advice. To successfully pull off content marketing, financial institutions need to work with creators whose expertise cut across several categories. enables financial brands to:

  • Collaborate with curated, specialised creators who have a deep knowledge of financial markets and regulatory frameworks.
  • Gain access to a wide network of diverse creative talents based on varying content needs.
  • Our collaborative tool enables multiple stakeholders - marketing, sales, legal & compliance, and more - to be involved in the content creation process.
  • Ability to easily scale content creation efforts.

Finance Content Creators

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