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New Name, Same Mission Editorial
Updated Sep 10, 2020

We’ve spent close to two years working hard to provide brands in Asia with resources to create meaningful content through Bolt. Since our founding in 2015, our team has pushed out at least 100,000 lines of code (and gone through a zillion cups of coffee), growing into a go-to platform for content marketers in Asia. Today, we’re ready to take on new challenges with our community of creators. 

Our home at

We’ve established ourselves as a platform that provides brands and teams that need content with access to over 5,000 content creators in Asia. We have built to work well with both established as well as fast-growing brands to create content that varies across a range of multimedia that include infographics, videos, photos, e-books, articles, white papers, interactive content and more. In addition, has a fast-growing network of media partners that our customers have access to for their native advertising and content amplification needs.

At, we curate our base of creators to maintain the quality of the content delivered to our customers. Our creators are vetted for both their previous work experience and their portfolio before they begin creating any content on the platform. We also have a team of content strategists and editors that customers can tap on to advise them in planning for content creation and distribution to ensure that their strategy works for them.

It was a tough decision for us to change our name. Many in the content marketing and creator community had grown accustomed to Bolt and what we stood for: creating impactful content. But we wanted our name to be synonymous with what we do and what we care about most.

Our brand new domain!

As, we hope to continue delivering results for our brands and our creators, and take content marketing in Asia Pacific to the next level. We intend to remain focused on our mission, to deliver brands with quality content creation and distribution with great results and help them to develop an effective, scalable content marketing program.

We’re excited for what’s ahead. Over the next few months, as we move to, we’ll be rolling out more features to expand our suite of offerings to our community. So stay tuned for more!

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